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Understanding how and why consistent behavioural traits (i.e. animal personality) vary between individuals, and identifying the mechanisms that underlie such variation, is a key focus in behavioural and evolutionary ecology. In many animals, male and female behaviour often diverges in response to different selection pressures and life history trajectories(More)
Learning is a change in state resulting from new experiences enabling behavioural responses to be adjusted in alignment with external cues. Individuals differ in the speed and accuracy at which they learn. Personality has been postulated as being a major influence on learning ability in terms of attention and encounter rates of environmental cues. This link(More)
Current syndrome research focuses primarily on behaviour with few incorporating components of physiology. One such syndrome is the pace-of-life syndrome (POLS) which describes covariation between behaviour, metabolism, immunity, hormonal response, and life-history traits. Despite the strong effect temperature has on behaviour, thermal physiology has yet to(More)
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