Marcus Merkel

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Recent technical developments allowed the accurate correlation of fluorescently labelled organelles in living cells to cryo-electron micrographs. We aimed at expanding this approach to Plasmodium berghei sporozoites, the motile forms of a rodent malaria parasite, which can be imaged by cryo-electron tomography in toto without the need for sectioning.(More)
Postsynthetic modification of nucleic acids has the advantage that the chemical development of only a few building blocks is necessary, each bearing a chosen reactive functional group that is applicable to its reactive counterpart for a variety of different labeling types. The reactive group is either linked to phosphoramidites for chemical synthesis on(More)
A 13mer DNA duplex containing the artificial 4-aminophthalimide:2,4-diaminopyrimidine (4AP:DAP) base pair in the central position was characterized by optical and NMR spectroscopy. The fluorescence of 4AP in the duplex has a large Stokes shift of Δλ=124 nm and a quantum yield of ΦF =24 %. The NMR structure shows that two interstrand hydrogen bonds are(More)
Four triphosphates of 2'-deoxyuridine that carried the following bioorthogonally reactive groups were synthesized by organic-chemical methods. Two triphosphates with tetrazines and one with a cyclopropene moiety were designed for Diels-Alder reactions with inverse electron demand, and one triphosphate with a tetrazole core was designed for the "photoclick"(More)
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