Marcus McHale

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P2X4 receptors are expressed in specific brain areas. We now describe site-specific splice variations of the human P2X4 receptor subunit, occurring at residue [YVIG / WVFV(W)] near the end of the first predicted transmembrane domain. p2X4(b) is formed by the insertion of an additional 16 amino acids. p2X4(C) is formed by deleting a cassette of 130 amino(More)
It is known that 22-nucleotide (nt) microRNAs (miRNAs) derived from asymmetric duplexes trigger phased small-interfering RNA (phasiRNA) production from complementary targets. Here we investigate the efficacy of 22-nt artificial miRNA (amiRNA)-mediated RNA silencing relative to conventional hairpin RNA (hpRNA) and 21-nt amiRNA-mediated RNA silencing.(More)
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