Marcus Müller

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Die Versorgung von schwerverletzen Patienten stellt eine große Herausforderung an das interdisziplinäre und interprofessionelle Behandlungsteam dar. In kürzester Zeit müssen Entscheidungen getroffen werden, lebensbedrohliche Verletzungen erkannt und unverzüglich behandelt werden. In dem Beitrag werden sowohl präklinische als auch klinische(More)
The incorporation of colloidal quantum dots (QDs) into ionic crystals of various salts (NaCl, KCl, KBr, etc.) is demonstrated. The resulting mixed crystals of various shapes and beautiful colors preserve the strong luminescence of the incorporated QDs. Moreover, the ionic salts appear to be very tight matrices, ensuring the protection of the QDs from the(More)
The topological effect of noncrossability of long flexible macromolecules is effectively described by a slip-spring model, which represents entanglements by local, pairwise, translationally invariant interactions that do not alter any equilibrium properties. We demonstrate that the model correctly describes many aspects of the dynamical and rheological(More)
Die neue Approbationsordnung sieht eine größere Gewichtung der Notfallmedizin im klinischen Teil des bundesdeutschen Medizinstudiums vor. Als sog. Querschnittsbereich Notfallmedizin soll die Lehre interdisziplinär gestaltet sein und hinsichtlich Lehr- und Lernmethoden Möglichkeit zur Kleingruppenarbeit bieten. In dieser Übersicht werden Konzepte zur(More)
Nitride-based three-dimensional core-shell nanorods (NRs) are promising candidates for the achievement of highly efficient optoelectronic devices. For a detailed understanding of the complex core-shell layer structure of InGaN/GaN NRs, a systematic determination and correlation of the structural, compositional, and optical properties on a nanometer-scale is(More)
The development of industrial control and measurement systems is often based on modular commercial off the-shelf hardware. Lately, for these platforms reconfigurable I/O modules with field-programmable gate arrays (FPGA) have gained significance, since they allow the implementation of data processing functionality very close to the data acquisition(More)
We inquire into the possible coexistence of macroscopic and microstructured phases in random Q-block copolymers built of incompatible monomer types A and B with equal average concentrations. In our microscopic model, one block comprises M identical monomers. The block-type sequence distribution is Markovian and characterized by the correlation λ. Upon(More)
A cost-efficient way to achieve high-accuracy motion control is the utilization of complex control algorithms. Hence advanced motion control constitutes a class of real-time applications, for which the technical feasibility strongly depends on the achievable execution performance on the embedded processing platform. The presented modular controller(More)