Marcus Lagerström

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Amelogenesis imperfecta is characterized by the defective formation of tooth enamel. Here we present evidence that the X-linked form of this disorder (AIH1) is caused by a structural alteration in one of the predominant proteins in enamel, amelogenin. Southern blot analysis revealed a deletion extending over 5 kb of the amelogenin gene in males with the(More)
Three major forms (types I-III) of Gaucher disease (GD) have been identified. The largest group of patients with type III GD has been reported from the province of Norrbotten in Sweden. In the present study the genomes from two GD patients of Norrbottnian origin were examined for abnormalities in the glucocerebrosidase gene. In both individuals, a single(More)
X-linked Amelogenesis imperfecta (AI) is a genetic disorder affecting the formation of enamel. In the present study two families, one with X-linked dominant and one with X-linked recessive AI, were studied by linkage analysis. Eleven cloned RFLP markers of known regional location were used. Evidence was obtained for linkage between the AI locus and the(More)
A contig of 20 yeast artificial clones (YACs) has been assembled across 1.5 Mb of Xq28 and formatted with nine previously reported probes and nine STSs developed from the sequence of probes and end fragments of YACs. YAC end fragments were obtained by subcloning, Alu-vector PCR, or primer-ligation PCR methods. Eighteen of the YACs were recovered from a(More)
We have devised a procedure, termed capture PCR (CPCR), that permits the rapid isolation of DNA segments situated adjacent to a characterized nucleotide sequence. In this procedure, a DNA sample is restriction-digested and a linker, comprising two base-paired oligonucleotides, is added to the ends by ligation. Multiple extension reactions are performed(More)
There is a need for brief, sensitive, and reliable instruments for contextual assessment of body dissatisfaction. Suitable selection and optimal use of psychological assessment instruments requires appropriate psychometric as well as normative data. Two studies were conducted to investigate the psychometric properties and collect general population norms(More)
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