Marcus L. Fach

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This study presents a comparison between syntactic and prosodic phrasing. A parser is used to calculate the syntactic structures from the orthographic text the prosodic structures of which are given by means of ToBI label files. For the automatic evaluation the prosodic break indices "3" (intermediate phrase boundary) and "4" (intonation phrase boundary)(More)
In this study Hidden Markov models are employed for the automatic classiication of pitch accents in German utterances. A sim-pliied version of the tone sequence model (i.e. a linguistic theory of pitch accents) is applied. In this approach only two of the nuclear tones (rise, fall) are used. They are represented by continuous density Hidden Markov models.(More)
Annotierte Sprachsignal-Korpora sind Projekt-und Anwendungsbezogen. Die hier beschriebenen Werkzeuge sollen die Weiterverwendung solcher aus verschiedenen Projekten stammender und Die Datensammlungen unterscheiden sich im linguistischen Kontext, in den technischen Einzel-scheiden sich in der Anzahl der Annotationsebenen den, d.h die verschiedenen Ebenen der(More)
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