Marcus Kuper

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  • T Hartani, A Douaoui, M Kuper, Hanafi Salia, Abdelaziz Zairi, Jean Claude +4 others
  • 2009
— Accurate estimation of water demand at the irrigation scheme scale is a key requirement for water management, which is made difficult by the large diversity of crops and production systems. The main objective of this study was to estimate irrigation water demand at the farm scale, taking different types of knowledge into account: (i) database study, where(More)
  • T Hartani, A Douaoui, M Kuper, Mohamed Bchir, Willinger Ali, Marc
  • 2009
— Club goods (also called toll goods) are collective goods with the possibility of excluding individuals who fail to contribute.The possibility of exclusion from the consumption of the public good has conflicting effects on welfare : on one hand it reduces the incentives to free ride, on the other hand it reduces the number of beneficiaries of the public(More)
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