Marcus Jonson

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The aim of this study was to analyze whether self-reported attachment style (measuring avoidance and anxiety) among adolescents was associated with dissociative symptoms, in addition to self-reported potentially traumatic experiences. A group consisting of 462 adolescents completed three self-assessment questionnaires: Linkoping Youth Life Experience Scale(More)
We have derived the general solution of a wave equation describing the dynamics of two-layer viscoelastic polymer materials of arbitrary thickness deposited on solid (quartz) surfaces in a fluid environment. Within the Voight model of viscoelastic element, we calculate the acoustic response of the system to an applied shear stress, i.e. we find the shift of(More)
  • L Y Gorelik, A Isacsson, Y M Galperin, R I Shekhter, M Jonson
  • 2001
Superconducting circuits that incorporate Josephson junctions are of considerable experimental and theoretical interest, particularly in the context of quantum computing. A nanometre-sized superconducting grain (commonly referred to as a Cooper-pair box) connected to a reservoir by a Josephson junction is an important example of such a system. Although the(More)
We discuss the interaction of a tunneling electron with its electromagnetic environment|when the latter either is in equilibrium or includes an applied microwave eld. The environment of an isolated tunnel junction is modeled by a set of harmonic oscillators that are suddenly displaced when an electron tunnels across the junction. We treat these displaced(More)
The dynamics of amphiphilic films deposited on a solid surface is analyzed for the case when shear oscillations of the solid surface are excited. The two cases of surface-and bulk shear waves are studied with the film exposed to gas or to a liquid. By solving the corresponding dispersion equation and the wave equation while maintaining the energy balance we(More)
  • D Fedorets, L Y Gorelik, R I Shekhter, M Jonson
  • 2002
PACS. 73.63.-b – Electronic transport in mesoscopic or nanoscale materials and structures.. PACS. 73.23.Hk – Coulomb blockade; single-electron tunneling. PACS. 85.85.+j – Micro-and nano-electromechanical systems (MEMS/NEMS) and devices. Abstract. – Effects of a coupling between the mechanical vibrations of a quantum dot placed between the two leads of a(More)
We study a simple model of a self-assembled, room temperature Coulomb-blockade nanostructure containing a metallic nanocrystal or grain connected by soft molecular links to two metallic electrodes. Self-excitation of periodic grain vibrations at 10-100 GHz is shown to be possible for a sufficiently large bias voltage leading to a novel 'shuttle mechanism'(More)
The influence of long-range Coulomb interactions on the properties of one-dimensional (1D) strongly correlated electron systems in vicinity of the metal-insulator phase transition is considered. It is shown that unscreened repulsive Coulomb forces lead to the formation of a 1D Wigner crystal in the metallic phase and to the transformation of the square-root(More)
We calculate the magnetic moment ('persistent current') in a strongly correlated electron system — a Wigner crystal — in a one-dimensional ballistic ring. The flux-and temperature dependence of the persistent current is shown to be essentially the same as for a system of non-interacting electrons. In contrast , by incorporating into the ring geometry a(More)