Marcus J. Holzinger

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—Sufficient stability conditions are derived for simultaneous uncoordinated impulsive maneuvers in distributed mean orbit element spacecraft formations. Lyapunov stability formalisms are used in conjunction with distributed mean orbit element spacecraft formation definitions. Special cases of the sufficient stability conditions are examined. Simulated(More)
— Recent on-orbit mission performance illustrates a pressing need to develop passively safe formation flight trajecto-ries and controllers for multiple satellite proximity operations. A Receding Horizon Control (RHC) approach is formulated that directly relates navigation uncertainty and process noise to non-convex quadratic constraints, which enforce(More)
—Changes in the orbit of a space-based object are a characteristic of a maneuver having occurred or of mismod-eling of the state dynamics. This paper focuses on the former hypothesis to evaluate what constraints and inferences can be made on the actions of a vehicle given minimal information on its change in state. Such information can generally be used to(More)
—Computational savings in reachability set sub-space computation are realized by carefully applying transversality conditions to trajectory samplings of the full reachability set. Differential constraints on the initial state and initial constraint Lagrange multiplier are developed that enforce the necessary conditions of optimality as total trajectory(More)
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