Marcus Isaksson

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We prove a quantitative version of the Gibbard-Satterthwaite theorem. We show that a uniformly chosen voter profile for a neutral social choice function f of q ≥ 4 alternatives and n voters will be manipulable with probability at least 10 −4 ǫ 2 n −3 q −30 , where ǫ is the minimal statistical distance between f and the family of dictator functions. Our(More)
In this study we address the problem of predicting the position of a moving lung tumor during respiration on the basis of external breathing signals--a technique used for beam gating, tracking, and other dynamic motion management techniques in radiation therapy. We demonstrate the use of neural network filters to correlate tumor position with external(More)
We study constraint satisfaction problems on the domain {&minus;1, 1}, where the given constraints are homogeneous linear threshold predicates, that is, predicates of the form sgn(<i>w</i><sub>1</sub><i>x</i><sub>1</sub> + &ctdot; + <i>w</i><sub>n</sub><i>x</i><sub>n</sub>) for some positive integer weights <i>w</i><sub>1</sub>, ..., <i>w</i><sub>n</sub>.(More)
—Spotify is a peer-assisted music streaming service that has gained worldwide popularity in the past few years. Until now, little has been published about user behavior in such services. In this paper, we study the user behavior in Spotify by analyzing a massive dataset collected between 2010 and 2011. Firstly, we investigate the system dynamics including(More)
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