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State effects on frontal alpha electroencephalograph asymmetry (ASY) are thought to reflect approach and withdrawal motivational tendencies. Although this motivational direction model has inspired a large body of research, efforts to disentangle influences of emotion (EMO) and motivational direction (MOT) on ASY are rare. The authors independently(More)
Conflict monitoring theory holds that detection of conflicts in information processing by the anterior cingulate cortex (ACC) results in processing adaptation that minimizes subsequent conflict. Applying an Eriksen f lanker task with four stimuli mapped onto two responses, we investigated whether such modulation occurs only after response-related or also(More)
There is a need for robotic rehabilitation devices that increase the outcome while reducing the cost of therapy. This paper presents a device for training of supination / pronation, dorsal wrist extension and finger manipulation after stroke. The system exhibits modularity in terms of the communication architecture and different optional components. User(More)
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