Marcus Greferath

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A framework for linear-programming (LP) decoding of nonbinary linear codes over rings is developed. This framework facilitates LP-based reception for coded modulation systems which use direct modulation mapping of coded symbols. It is proved that the resulting LP decoder has the ldquomaximum-likelihood (ML) certificaterdquo property. It is also shown that(More)
MacWilliams’ equivalence theorem states that Hamming isometries between linear codes extend to monomial transformations of the ambient space. One of the most elegant proofs for this result is due to K. P. Bogart et al. (1978, Inform. and Control 37, 19–22) where the invertibility of orthogonality matrices of finite vector spaces is the key step. The present(More)
This correspondence revisits the idea of constructing a binary [mn,mk] code from an [n,k] code over F/sub 2//sup m/ by concatenating the code with a suitable basis representation of F/sub 2//sup m/ over F/sub 2/. We construct two nonequivalent examples of doubly even self-dual binary codes of length 160 which turn out to be of minimum distance 24. This(More)
Miniaturized NMR is of growing importance in bio-, chemical, and -material sciences. Other than the magnet, bulky components are the radio-frequency power amplifier and the power supply or battery pack. We show that constant flip-angle excitation with phase modulation following a particular type of polyphase perfect sequences results in low peak excitation(More)