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BACKGROUND Lifestyle and health behaviours are strongly linked to non-communicable disease risk, but modifying them is challenging. There is an increasing recognition that adolescence is an important time for lifestyle and health behaviours to become embedded. Improving these behaviours in adolescents is important not only for their own health but also for(More)
Programming has been cited as a barrier for female students to enjoy and pursue computing as a career or at higher education. However, there are examples of good practice, which demonstrate that programming can act as a bridge rather than a barrier. As a result of surveying 103 students and interviewing 60 students from 3 different UK higher education(More)
Students have been reported to have stereotypical views of scientists as middle-aged white men in lab coats. We argue that a way to provide students with a more realistic view of scientists and their work is to provide them with the opportunity to interact with scientists during short, discussion-based sessions. For that reason, 20 scientists from 8(More)
Objectives To conduct a systematic review of effectiveness, and barriers and facilitators, of initial teacher training to promote health and well‐being in schools. Design Systematic review of the literature Method A total of 20 bibliographic databases were searched, including Medline, Embase, and the Social Science Citation Index. Studies were included if(More)
BACKGROUND Teachers are a key part of the wider public health workforce in England. We conducted a survey to find out how they are trained for this role during their initial teacher education (ITE). METHODS Between 2011 and 2012, we sent an online questionnaire to 220 ITE course managers and conducted semi-structured interviews with a purposive sample of(More)
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