Marcus Garzón

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The eukaryotic N-end rule pathway mediates ubiquitin- and proteasome-dependent turnover of proteins with a bulky amino-terminal residue. Arabidopsis locus At5g02310 shows significant similarity to the yeast N-end rule ligase Ubr1. We demonstrate that At5g02310 is a ubiquitin ligase and mediates degradation of proteins with amino-terminal Arg residue. Unlike(More)
The ubiquitin–proteasome pathway is the major route for protein degradation in eukaryotes. We show here that this pathway can be inhibited in Arabidopsis thaliana by expression of a ubiquitin variant that contains Arg instead of Lys at position 48 (ubR48). A major consequence of ubR48 expression is the induction of cell death. Cell death induction coincides(More)
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