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The Kriegsmarine, Signals Intelligence and the Development of the B-Dienst Before the Second World War
Abstract This article explores the development of the Kriegsmarine's signals intelligence service, the B-Dienst, and its role in operational planning prior to 1939. It challenges the prevalent viewExpand
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Levels of complexity make the American War of Independence a difficult conflict to understand. An insurrection in Britain’s thirteen American colonies became a regional war fought by conventionalExpand
Germany's High Sea Fleet in the First World War
The Great War at Sea: A Naval Atlas, 1914–1919
The Kriegsmarine and the Aircraft Carrier: The Design and Operational Purpose of the Graf Zeppelin, 1933–1940
While the Kriegsmarine’s only aircraft carrier, the uncompleted Graf Zeppelin, has attracted considerable interest over the decades, this has been limited to technical histories of the vessel. ThisExpand