Marcus Ehrhardt

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Network effects and standardisation are central to business success for many of today’s high-technology companies. The ability of a firm to establish its technology as a dominant design or so-called de-facto standard is a critical determinant of its long-term competitive position. Which strategy a company should choose in a de-facto standardisation process,(More)
The professional standard of care has historically been defined in terms of the practice of reasonable, prudent physicians. In court, physicians are needed in most cases to testify as to what is the standard of practice and to verify the relevance of published materials that may be presented as being descriptive of the standard of care. Proposed standards(More)
Emergency physicians as individuals, as groups, or as corporations, have medical and legal relationships with hospitals, other physicians, and nurses. These relationships sometimes result in liability for alleged negligence being applied in complex and unexpected ways. Emergency physicians may be held responsible for the acts of others. Conversely, other(More)
In east central Illinois over the last three years, three hospitals in which the authors were contracted as emergency physicians have been in various stages of merger with nearby hospitals. In all, six hospitals will be merged into three "medical centers." This is a basis of experience to be shared with other emergency physicians, as consolidation of health(More)
Residency programs routinely review cases involving "morbidity and mortality." It would be a valuable experience to similarly review medical malpractice cases and the associated testimony by medical experts. When available, the cases reviewed in residency programs would be those in which faculty members at the same institution had testified. The faculty(More)
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