Marcus Davis Machado Braga

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Bothrops insularis is a snake from Queimada Grande Island, which is an island located about 20 miles away from the southeastern coast of Brazil. Compared to other Brazilian species of Bothrops, the toxinology of B. insularis is still poorly understood. Its C-type lectin is involved in several biological processes including anticoagulant and(More)
Starting from a case of cerebral malaria in Ceará, the authors get the attention for that possibility of this occurrence in no-endemic zone, due to the retard of the diagnosis. Besides the serious implications of the disease, uncommon for this determined species, Plasmodium vivax, it is observed the probable existence of mixed infection and the potential(More)
Bothrops insularis is a snake from Ilha da Queimada Grande, an island located about 20 miles away from the Southeastern coast of Brazil. Compared with other Brazilian species of Bothrops, the toxinology of B. insularis is still poorly understood, and so far, no fraction from this venom with amino acid oxidase activity had been isolated or its biological(More)
The venom of Bothrops insularis snake, known in Brazil as jararaca ilhoa, contains a variety of proteolytic enzymes such as a thrombin-like substance that is responsible for various pharmacological effects. B. insularis venom chromatography profile showed an elution of seven main fractions. The thrombin-like activity was detected in fractions I and III, the(More)
An autopsied case is reported concerning fulminant sepsis with predominantly pulmonary lesions, caused by Burkholderia pseudomallei, etiologic agent of melioidosis, originating from interior of Ceará State, Northeastern Brazil where there had been no previous cases reported. Autopsy findings and differential diagnosis are discussed.
BACKGROUND Today, chronic kidney diseases represent a great challenge to public health as regards the acquisition of knowledge to support interventions that can slow the progression of renal function loss. OBJECTIVE To analyze the magnitude of the renal function deficit in hypertensive adult patients and its relationship with the following inflammatory(More)
Nas páginas 58 a 60 do número 1 do volume 38, 2005, da Revista da Sociedade Brasileira de Medicina Tropical, foi publicado um artigo sob o título “Primeira descrição de um caso autopsiado de melioidose no Estado do Ceará”, de autoria de Marcus Davis Machado Braga e Paulo Roberto de Carvalho Almeida. Nesta mesma Revista, em 2004, foi publicado o trabalho de(More)
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