Marcus Davenport

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Impact activity is an important contributor to bone accrual. Children engaging in such activity have been shown to have greater bone mineral density (BMD) than their peers. This cross-sectional study was designed to quantify the association between BMD and impact activity in pre-pubescent girls, specifically examining for a dose-dependent relationship.(More)
Historically, postoperative pain associated with temperature was considered a thermal conduction problem. More recently, pulpal hydrodynamics has been used to explain this sensitivity. Relative to restorations placed with dentin bonding agents that require a separate etching step, agents that include an acidic primer are believed to result in a better seal(More)
BACKGROUND The Achilles tendon is composed of fascicles from the soleus and gastrocnemius muscles, which are identifiable as discrete components at anatomical dissection. HYPOTHESIS The pattern of fascicular involvement in Achilles tendinopathy may be characterized at ultrasound, and this characterization is reliable between different observers. STUDY(More)
OBJECTIVE Plantar fasciosis is a common complaint of athletes, particularly for runners. The medial calcaneal nerve (MCN) may play a role in the pain syndrome, and radiofrequency (RF) denervation has been previously reported. The hypothesis is that ultrasound-guided denervation of the MCN results in symptomatic improvement. DESIGN Retrospective cohort. (More)
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