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Modular photoinduced electron transfer (PET) sensors bearing two phenylboronic acid groups, one or two fluorophores: pyrene(a), phenanthrene(b), anthracene(c), 1-naphthalene(d), 2-naphthalene(e) and alkylene linkers, from trimethylene(3) to octamethylene(8), have been evaluated. Systems with a single pyrene fluorophore 3 4a, 3 5a and 3 6a bind the strongest(More)
We report a systematic investigation of the temperature-dependent infrared vibrational spectra of a family of chemically related coordination polymer magnets based upon bridging bifluoride (HF(2)-) and terminal fluoride (F-) ligands in copper pyrazine complexes including Cu(HF(2))(pyz)(2)BF(4), Cu(HF(2))(pyz)(2)ClO(4), and CuF(2)(H(2)O)(2)(pyz). We compare(More)
We present experiments on the thermal transport in the spin-1/2 chain compound copper pyrazine dinitrate Cu(C4H4N2)(NO3)2. The heat conductivity shows a surprisingly strong dependence on the applied magnetic field B, characterized at low temperatures by two main features. The first one appearing at low B is a characteristic dip located at muBB approximately(More)
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