Marcus Bluhm

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Determinations of the shear viscosity of trapped ultracold gases suffer from systematic, uncontrolled uncertainties related to the treatment of the dilute part of the gas cloud. In this work we present an analysis of expansion experiments based on a new method, anisotropic fluid dynamics, that interpolates between Navier-Stokes fluid dynamics at the center(More)
Within a phenomenological quasiparticle model, the quark mass and temperature dependence of the QCD equation of state is discussed and compared with lattice QCD results. Different approximations for the quasiparticle dispersion relations are employed, scaling properties of the equation of state with quark mass and deconfinement temperature are investigated(More)
The equation of state (EoS) of strongly interacting matter contains important information about bulk properties and the thermodynamics. In fact, one needs the EoS as input for describing hydrodynamically the evolution of the early universe, dynamics and static characteristics of neutron stars as well as certain stages of relativistic heavy-ion collisions.(More)
Within a quasi-particle model for the equation of state of strongly interacting matter for two quark flavors we include phenomenologically features of the QCD critical point and discuss its impact on the equation of state. In particular, we investigate the influence on the quark number susceptibility and the pattern of isentropic trajectories which describe(More)