Marcus A. Magnor

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In free-viewpoint video, the viewer can interactively choose his viewpoint in 3-D space to observe the action of a dynamic real-world scene from arbitrary perspectives. The human body and its motion plays a central role in most visual media and its structure can be exploited for robust motion estimation and efficient visualization. This paper describes a(More)
Two light-field compression schemes are presented. The codecs are compared with regard to compression efficiency and rendering performance. The first proposed coder is based on video-compression techniques that have been modified to code the four-dimensional light-field data structure efficiently. The second coder relies entirely on disparity-compensated(More)
Visual exploration of multivariate data typically requires projection onto lower-dimensional representations. The number of possible representations grows rapidly with the number of dimensions, and manual exploration quickly becomes ineffective or even uoJeasible. This paper proposes automatic analysis methods to extract potentially relevant visual(More)
Non-invasively determining the three-dimensional structure of real flames is a challenging task. We present a tomographic method for reconstructing a volumetric model from multiple images of fire. The method is similar to sparse-view computerized tomography and is applicable to static camera setups observing dynamic flames. Using an algebraic reconstruction(More)
The ability to interpolate between images taken at different time and viewpoints directly in image space opens up new possiblities. The goal of our work is to create plausible in-between images in real time without the need for an intermediate 3D reconstruction. This enables us to also interpolate between images recorded with uncalibrated and unsynchronized(More)
Modern visualization methods are needed to cope with very highdimensional data. Efficient visual analytical techniques are required to extract the information content in these data. The large number of possible projections for each method, which usually grow quadratically or even exponentially with the number of dimensions, urges the necessity to employ(More)
This paper introduces compressed eigenfunctions of the Laplace-Beltrami operator on 3D manifold surfaces. They constitute a novel functional basis, called the compressed manifold basis, where each function has local support. We derive an algorithm, based on the alternating direction method of multipliers (ADMM), to compute this basis on a given triangulated(More)
This paper presents a rendering method for translucent objects, in which view point and illumination can be modified at interactive rates. In a preprocessing step the impulse response to incoming light impinging at each surface point is computed and stored in two different ways: The local effect on close-by surface points is modeled as a per-texel filter(More)
Fluid simulation is one of the most active research areas in computer graphics. However, it remains difficult to obtain measurements of real fluid flows for validation of the simulated data. In this paper, we take a step in the direction of capturing flow data for such purposes. Specifically, we present the first time-resolved Schlieren tomography system(More)