Marcos del Pozo-Baños

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Saving earth's biodiversity for future generations is an important global task, where automatic recognition of pollen species by means of computer vision represents a highly prioritized issue. This work focuses on analysis and classification stages. A combination of geometrical measures, Fourier descriptors of morphological details using Discrete Cosine(More)
A feature reduction system based on Discriminative Common Vector is presented and evaluated in this paper. The validation of this system was made with three databases, first one is DNA markers and the other two are The ORL Database of Face and The Yale Face Database. Moreover, a supervised classification system has been implemented with three different(More)
A new approach based on the transformation of the Cepstral domain is developed on this work. This approach reaches an automatic diagnosis for the syndrome of obstructive sleep apnea that includes a specific block for the removal of electrocardiogram (ECG) artifacts and the R wave detection. The system is modeled by a transformation of the Cepstral domain(More)
In a time when personal data circulates constantly between devices and within the cloud, biometric security systems represents one of the most viable security solutions. A relatively new biometric modality based on the individual's Electroencephalogram (EEG) is starting now to gain popularity among researchers. Its relevance relay mainly on its prospects of(More)