Marcos Watanabe

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Sub-terahertz imaging for construction materials has been performed using room-temperature operating oscillators. Invisible defects in woods, and mixed foreign bodies and cracks in concrete were detected effectively by power transmission imaging. In addition, rusty area covered with paint on the steel was distinguished by power reflection imaging. So,(More)
Today, it has been quite important to realize that the esthetic factor the coronal restration is more emphasized in dental practice. It is popular to use porcelain as a dental material for the Coronal restoration and the technique is pretty much stabilized. Because of the color itself and its great affinity to the human body. Mostly used technique is the(More)
Expansion of agriculture on new lands is recognized as one of the most significant human alterations to the global environment. Although food and fiber production are essential ecosystem services (ES) to humankind, the land use change process implicates in the adoption of intensive agricultural practices directly related to the depletion of a wide range of(More)
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