Marcos Sfair Sunyé

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The importance of digital information is constantly increasing in the last years. Such information often needs to be preserved for a long-term and this is the responsibility of digital archiving systems. This paper proposes a reliable replication model of immutable digital content to be used in long-term archiving systems. The archiving system is modeled as(More)
Often in a competitive market, corporations need tools to increase the accuracy and efficiency of the decisions. Facing this, several companies that have no resources to buy the commercial systems available because of the high costs, have no chance to buy a Decision Support Systems (DSS) platform. This paper is dedicated to a benchmark of PostgreSQL DBMS(More)
Open archives initiative (OAI) allows both libraries and museums create and share their own low-cost digital libraries (DL). OAI DL are based on OAI-PMH protocol which, although is consolidated as a pattern for disseminating metadata, does not rely on either digital preservation and availability of content, essential requirements in this type of system.(More)