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Rameau: a System for Automatic harmonic Analysis
A performance evaluation of ten algorithms on a corpus of 140 Bach chorales, and a numeric codification for tonal music with interesting properties, such as easy transposition, preservation of enharmonic information and easy conversion to standard pitch-class notation.
Functional Harmonic Analysis and Computational Musicology in Rameau
The infrastructure for computational musicology and functional harmonic analysis in Rameau is presented, a framework for experimentation with musicological ideas in software, and can be easily extended to support many other features.
Contour Algorithms Review
This paper presents some problems of two Music Contour Relations Theory operations algorithms: the Refinement of Contour Reduction Algorithm and the Equivalence Contour Class Prime Form algorithm, and proposes two alternative algorithms to solve these problems.
Contour Similarity Algorithms
This paper proposes two new algorithms for melodic contour similarity, compares them in three experiments with contours from the Bach Chorales, from a Schumann song and automated generated, and presents a brief review of the contour and similarity literature.
A Harpa de Concerto: estudo de glissandi e de configurações dos pedais com categorização de classes de conjuntos.
Neste artigo estudam-se as possibilidades de dispor os pedais da Harpa de Concerto para a execução de glissandi conforme os exemplos encontrados nos tratados de orquestração. Estudam-se os princípios
Goiaba: a software to process musical contours
Contour is the shape or format of objects. Contours can be associated to musical parameters such as pitch and time, representing one in function of another. Contours help to give coherence to musical
quantitative study of pitch registers in string quartets opus 17, by Joseph Haydn
In this paper, we present an exploratory study of the pitch registers on the string quartets Opus 17, by Joseph Haydn, according to a quantitative approach. This subject is relevant because the pitch
The Implementation of a Contour Module for Music21
A contour module for the Music21 toolkit that can calculate operations such as similarly, matrices and reduction that have been used to analyze music from many composers.