Marcos S Neres

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The question addressed in this study was the nature of the enzyme required to remove the side-chain of 17-hydroxycorticosteroids, leading in the case of cortisol to the excretion of 11beta-hydroxyandrosterone, 11-oxo-androsterone and the corresponding etiocholanolones. We questioned whether it could be CYP17, the 17-hydroxylase/17,20-lyase utilized in(More)
OBJECTIVES (1) Characterize serum (S) and urinary (U) steroid metabolites in complete CYP17 deficiency (cCYP17D); (2) analyze the relative 17α-hydroxylase (17OH) and 17,20-lyase (17,20L) activities in vivo; and (3) comparedata from the two most prevalent mutations in Brazil. SUBJECTS AND METHODS 20 genotyped cCYP17D patients from a previously reported(More)
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