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esearch and development emantic technologies nformation management &D intermediation It is evident that companies and research centres can find a myriad of instruments to fund their R&D (Research & Development) activities. Due to the dynamics of the information management in these circumstances there is a need for intermediary businesses intervention.(More)
Technological advances in high-throughput techniques and efficient data gathering methods, coupled computational biology efforts, have resulted in a vast amount of life science data often available in distributed and heterogeneous repositories. These repositories contain information such as sequence and structure data, annotations for biological data,(More)
Despite the clear relevance of the Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) market in world economics and the evident lack of success of software projects, organizations devote little effort to the development and maturity of the software project manager profession. This work analyzes the figure of project manager from the perspective of the Team(More)
Global software development in software development industry is a new aspect for many software project managers. In this scenario, the allocation of work packages among project participants is not a simple task. This allocation was traditionally determined by availability and competence but this new trend introduces complexity in an already complex process.(More)
In current organizations, the importance of knowledge and competence is unquestionable. In Information Technology (IT) companies, which are, by definition, knowledge intensive, this importance is critical. In such organizations, the models of knowledge exploitation include specific processes and elements that drive the production of knowledge aimed at(More)
The environment surrounding organizations is characterized by an increasing necessity of competent personnel but with finite competence level. From the scope of the management of those human resources, one of the most crucial aspects is to be able to measure the competence level of each professional as quickly and precisely as possible. This paper(More)
‘Human factor’ is one of the most relevant and crucial aspects of software development projects management. Aiming at the performance improvement for software processes in organizations, a new model has been developed to diagnose people related processes. This new model is People-CMM and represents a complementary solution to CMM. On the other hand,(More)
We empirically explored the implication of hard decisions in the context of the management of global software development (GSD) teams. We hypothesized and empirically tested our belief that hard decision making in conventional development projects is very similar to GSD and differences arise from the nature of the relationship and the ranking of issues.(More)
Global software development is an inexorable trend in the software industry. The impact of the trend in conventional software development can be found in many of its aspects. One of them is task or work package allocation. Task allocation was traditionally driven by resource competency and availability but GSD introduces new complexities to this process(More)
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