Marcos Menárguez-Tortosa

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In this paper, we present the ResearchEHR project. It focuses on the usability of Electronic Health Record (EHR) sources and EHR standards for building advanced clinical systems. The aim is to support healthcare professional, institutions and authorities by providing a set of generic methods and tools for the capture, standardization, integration,(More)
Archetypes facilitate the sharing of clinical knowledge and therefore are a basic tool for achieving interoperability between healthcare information systems. In this paper, a Semantic Web System for Managing Archetypes is presented. This system allows for the semantic annotation of archetypes, as well for performing semantic searches. The current system is(More)
Linking Electronic Healthcare Records (EHR) content to educational materials has been considered a key international recommendation to enable clinical engagement and to promote patient safety. This would suggest citizens to access reliable information available on the web and to guide them properly. In this paper, we describe an approach in that direction,(More)
There are currently different standards for representing electronic healthcare records (EHR). Each standard defines its own information models, so that, in order to promote the interoperability among standard-compliant information systems, the different information models must be semantically integrated. In this work, we present an ontological approach to(More)
Genome sequencing projects generate vast amounts of data of a wide variety of types and complexities, and at a growing pace. Traditionally, the annotation of such sequences was difficult to share with other researchers. Despite the fact that this has improved with the development and application of biological ontologies, such annotation efforts remain(More)
The semantic interoperability of electronic healthcare record systems is a major issue given that it would increase the quality of healthcare and patient safety. In this chapter, different solutions based on the use of semantic models for representing clinical knowledge are presented. The aim of the research presented here is to contribute to the(More)
Semantic interoperability of clinical standards is a major challenge in the eHealth across Europe, because this would allow healthcare professionals to manage the complete EHR of patient. Archetypes are considered a cornerstone to deliver fully interoperable EHRs. Our work is focused on the development of ontology-based methods and techniques for providing(More)
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