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A long-term (2–3 years) measurement of aerosol and precipitation chemistry was carried out in a remote site in Central Amazonia, Balbina, (1 • 55 ′ S, 59 • 29 ′ W, 174 m above sea level), about 200 km north of Manaus city. Aerosols were sampled using stacked filter units (SFU), which separate fine (d<2.5 µm) and coarse mode 5 (2.5 µm<d<10.0 µm). Filters(More)
UNLABELLED Middle ear cholesteatoma affected more than 5 million people until the 80;s. Many animal models were used, unsuccessfully, to study an alternative therapy to cholesteatoma. AIM observe the effect of the trans-retinoic acid in the inhibition of middle ear cholesteatomas induced by propylene glycol. STUDY DESIGN Clinical and Experimental. (More)