Marcos Louredo

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Over the past decades many studies have dealt with the development of robotic tools to improve the process of bone drilling. The main difficulty of the operation resides in the ability to detect bone layer transitions and/or protrusions during the procedure so that damage to surrounding tissue is minimized. The present paper set up a test bench in order to(More)
The research and development of mechatronic aids for surgery is a persistent challenge in the field of robotic surgery. This paper presents a new haptic pedal conceived to assist surgeons in the operating room by transmitting real-time surgical information through the foot. An effective human-robot interaction system for medical practice must exchange(More)
Bone drilling, despite being a very common procedure in hospitals around the world, becomes very challenging when performed close to organs such as the cochlea or when depth control is critical for avoiding damage to surrounding tissue. To date, several mechatronic prototypes have been proposed to assist surgeons by automatically detecting bone layer(More)
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