Marcos Lafoz

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We used spoligotyping and restriction fragment length polymorphism (RFLP) of the IS6110-insertion sequence to study the molecular epidemiology of multidrug-resistant (MDR) tuberculosis in Spain. We analyzed 180 Mycobacterium tuberculosis complex isolates collected between January 1998 and December 2000. Consecutive isolates from the same patients (n = 23)(More)
Electric vehicles constitute a multidisciplinary subject that involves disciplines such as automotive, mechanical, electrical and control engineering. Due to this multidisciplinary technical nature, practical teaching methodologies are of special relevance. Paradoxically, in the past, the training of engineers specializing in this area has lacked the(More)
This paper describes aspects of the power electronics control of wave energy conversion. The objective of the power converter is to drive a switched reluctance linear machine which works as direct-drive power take off (DDPTO) system for a point absorber. FEM analysis and simulations of the electrical machine were taken into account in the design of the(More)
Linear generators used as direct-drive solution in wave energy conversion have the main advantage of higher efficiency and more simple and robust system. However there are some important drawbacks that should be solved to increase the reliability and feasibility. This paper will study in detail the problem of the power oscillation introduced intro the(More)
Advanced control strategies for efficiency optimization in interior PMSMs are usually model-based, potentially providing very accurate results and good performance at the cost of parameter dependency and the associated drawbacks. Search-based methods, on the contrary, perform more modestly but depend neither on models nor on parameters. This paper compares(More)
This paper describes a practical activity, part of the renewable energy course where the students have to build their own complete wind generation system, including blades, PM-generator, power electronics and control. After connecting the system to the electric grid the system has been tested during real wind scenarios. The paper will describe the electric(More)
This paper describes a modular, integrated and low-cost kinetic energy storage system (KESS), its electrical characterization as well as its future integration and operation in a microgrid within the scope of a project called MIRED-CON (Microgeneration with Renewable Sources and its control). This project aims to develop, using the power microgrid installed(More)
The paper proposes a high speed switched reluctance (SR) drive for aircraft applications, covering the demand of more electric aircrafts (MEA) and defending the particular benefits of this machine technology against others, such as permanent magnet synchronous generators. An appropriate topology of electrical machine and power converter for a high speed DC(More)
One of the main issues of wave energy nowadays is the oscillation of the generated power, which is due to the oscillating nature of the waves. These power fluctuations may have an important undesired impact on the electrical grid. This paper proposes a system that compensates power oscillations in wave energy applications by means of a supercapacitor-based(More)
As in other renewable and non-controllable sources of energy, in the case of ocean wave energy the use of electrical linear generator as direct drive power take-off (PTO) in a wave energy converter (WEC) provides several advantages such as improvements in the versatility of control, in the robustness and in the efficiency for a wide range of loads. This(More)