Marcos I. Galicia

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In this paper the torque and the square of the rotor flux magnitude control using second order sliding mode controller for an induction motor, is proposed. Designed super-twisting controller permits to reduce chattering that is inherent in standard sliding mode control and to improve accuracy. To estimate the rotor flux and speed, an adaptive observer is(More)
A Sliding Mode (SM) Block Control is proposed to control an Antilock Brake System (ABS). The control problem is to achieve reference tracking for the slip rate, such that, the friction between tyre and road surface is good enough to control the car. The closed-loop system is robust in presence of matched and unmatched perturbations. To show the performance(More)
— This work presents an approach to solve the output regulation problem for a class of nonlinear discrete-time nonminimum phase perturbed systems. Based on feedback linearization block control technique and discrete-time sliding mode (SM) control, we propose a sliding manifold on which the zero dynamics are stabilized. To enforce the robust SM motion on the(More)
In this work, high order sliding mode techniques are used to control an Anti-lock Brake System (ABS) which is assisted with an active suspension. The main objective is to modify the slip rate of a vehicle and ensure a shorter stopping distance in the braking process. The control system is designed in independent way for the ABS and the suspension subsystem.(More)
The aim of this paper is to propose a second order sliding mode controller for a brake system. The main objective of the controller is to induce anti-lock feature by means of tracking the slip rate of the wheel, ensuring a shorter distance in the braking process and improving the vehicle safety. The closed-loop system is robust in presence of external(More)
In this paper we present a robust sliding mode (SM) controller for nonlinear non minimum phase systems with unmatched perturbations. Based on Regulation and Lyapunov Redesign concepts we design a suitable sliding manifold. On this manifold the perturbed dynamics are stable, namely they remain bounded whereas the output tracking error goes to zero in spite(More)
— This paper tackles the control of a brake assisted with an active suspension. The goal of the paper is ensure an effective braking process improving the vehicle safety in adverse driving conditions. To address this, the wheel slip ratio is kept to a desired value reducing the effective braking distance by designing of a robust tracking controller based on(More)
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