Marcos Gomes

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Comparisons of wage rates across countries have become key ingredients in evaluating theories of international trade, the role of trade in exacerbating wage inequality, and the role of capitalist reforms in economic transition. Despite the importance of cross-country wage comparisons, it is widely agreed that no credible, comparable wage estimates exist.(More)
Here a straightforward procedure to characterize electronic resonances in arbitrary coupled open or closed nano and micro structures formed by cavities (or billiards) connected by waveguides is presented. Based on the boundary wall method, it identifies families of states arising from continuous changes in the system geometric parameters without the(More)
The coexistence of meningioma and schwannoma as two distinct components within the same tumor is extremely rare. They are usually associated with Type 2 Neurofibromatosis (NF-2) but there are some isolated reports of cases without confirmed diagnosis or in association with cancer and/or post irradiation cancer patients. The authors present a case of a(More)
Background Regular physical activity is one of the key components of a healthy lifestyle. It is associated with better physical and cognitive functioning in later life and with increased life expectancy. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the prevalence of, and factors related to, physical inactivity among older adults across Europe. Methods In(More)
Users’ acceptability of a Web application relies strictly on this applications’ usability. One of the main means of evaluating and improving the usability of a system is by carrying out inspections. In this paper, we propose the automation of this process throw an Assistant for Usability Inspection Process (?APIU?). We also evaluate the(More)
Industry case studies are required to assess the suitability of a software technology to the industrial environment. The use of experimental studies in the development of software technologies provides a reliable knowledge basis and helps determine the best situations to use the technology, reducing the uncertainties in its adoption by the software(More)
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