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This paper presents three corpora with coreferential annotation of person entities for Portuguese, Galician and Spanish. They contain coreference links between several types of pronouns (including elliptical, possessive, indefinite, demonstrative, relative and personal clitic and non-clitic pronouns) and nominal phrases (including proper nouns). Some(More)
Building shallow semantic representations from text corpora is the first step to perform more complex tasks such as text entailment, enrichment of knowledge bases, or question answering. Open Information Extraction (OIE) is a recent unsupervised strategy to extract billions of basic assertions from massive corpora, which can be considered as being a shallow(More)
This article describes two systems participating to the TweetLID-2014 competition focused on language detection in tweets. The systems are based on two different strategies: ranked dictionaries and Naive Bayes classifiers. The results show that ranking dictionaries performs better with small training corpora whose language distribution is similar to that of(More)
This paper presents a first version of LinkPeople, an entity-centric system for coreference resolution of person entities. The approach combines (i) a multi-pass architecture which takes advantage of entity features at document-level with (ii) a set of linguistically-motivated constraints and rules which allows the system to restrict the candidates of a(More)
The main interest of this work was the investigation of the transport mechanisms of salmon calcitonin through the epithelial cell monolayer in the presence and absence of pH-sensitive hydrogel nanospheres composed of poly(methacrylic acid-grafted-poly(ethylene glycol)) (PMAA-g-EG). For this purpose, a gastrointestinal cell culture model, the Caco-2 cell(More)
The challenges faced to orally deliver therapeutic agents with unfavorable physicochemical properties, such as proteins, have been the primary motivation for the design and development of novel oral delivery systems that could circumvent biological barriers. In this work, we examined complexation-sensitive hydrogel nanospheres composed of poly[methacrylic(More)
Sex and recombination are central processes in life generating genetic diversity. Organisms that rely on asexual propagation risk extinction due to the loss of genetic diversity and the inability to adapt to changing environmental conditions. The fungus-growing ant species Mycocepurus smithii was thought to be obligately asexual because only parthenogenetic(More)
BACKGROUND Renal dysfunction in heart failure is thought to be due to poor perfusion of the kidney. HYPOTHESIS We tested the hypothesis that passive congestion is more important than poor perfusion. METHODS We retrospectively studied the data on 178 patients who underwent right heart catheterization for evaluation of heart failure and had serum(More)
The main contribution of our work is a technique to accelerate the real-time simulation of deformable objects using a stable finite element method. Our purpose is to construct a preconditioner matrix for the coefficient matrix of the implicit integration scheme based on the global rotation matrix of the object. We describe some required steps to compute an(More)
Haptic interfaces offer an intuitive way to interact with and manipulate 3D data, and may simplify the interpretation of visual information. This work proposes an algorithm to provide haptic feedback directly from volumetric data sets, as an aid to regular visualiza-tion. The haptic rendering algorithm lets the user perceive isosur-faces in the volumetric(More)