Marcos F Núñez

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Molecular motors such as kinesin and dynein use the energy derived from ATP hydrolysis to walk processively along microtubule tracks and transport various cargoes inside the cell. Recent advancements in fluorescent protein (FP) research enable motors to be fluorescently labeled such that single molecules can be visualized inside cells in multiple colors.(More)
Urinary estrogen levels are important for monitoring the normal pregnancy process as well as for the diagnosis of reproductive diseases. 17 beta-Estradiol and estrone are maintained at very low concentrations in urine and, therefore, are difficult to determine using standard chromatography with UV detection. In the present study, we describe a potential(More)
Diverse cellular signaling events, including B cell receptor (BCR) activation, are hypothesized to be facilitated by domains enriched in specific plasma membrane lipids and proteins that resemble liquid-ordered phase-separated domains in model membranes. This concept remains controversial and lacks direct experimental support in intact cells. Here, we(More)
Förster Resonance Energy Transfer (FRET) based measurements that calculate the stoichiometry of intermolecular interactions in living cells have recently been demonstrated, where the technique utilizes selective one-photon excitation of donor and acceptor fluorophores to isolate the pure FRET signal. Here, we present work towards extending this FRET(More)
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