Marcos Eduardo Pivaro Monteiro

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We evaluate the effective secrecy throughput of the multiple-input multiple-output multiple-antenna eavesdropper (MIMOME) wiretap channel with antenna selection at the legitimate transmitter. The optimal target secrecy rate that maximizes the effective secrecy throughput is obtained and confirmed by numerical results. Differently from previous works, we(More)
In this work, we consider a scenario where two multiple-aperture legitimate nodes (Alice and Bob) communicate by means of Free-Space Optical (FSO) communication in the presence of a multipleaperture eavesdropper (Eve), which is subject to pointing errors. Two different schemes are considered depending on the availability of channel state information (CSI)(More)
In this paper, we consider a vehicular network and propose the application of directional antennas to a recently proposed information-theoretic location verification system (LVS), aiming at increasing the system capability in correctly detecting malicious nodes. In the proposed LVS with directional antennas (LVS-DA), we adopt a more realistic dual-slope(More)
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