Marcos D. Muñoz

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BACKGROUND Immuno-spin trapping (IST) is based on the reaction of a spin trap with a free radical to form a stable nitrone adduct, followed by the use of antibodies, rather than traditional electron paramagnetic resonance spectroscopy, to detect the nitrone adduct. IST has been successfully applied to mechanistic in vitro studies, and recently,(More)
INTRODUCTION Lack of diagnostic skill in cutaneous surgery may lead to erroneous and potentially detrimental therapies. This study compares the diagnosis and treatment in cutaneous surgery, including cryotherapy, between a dermatologist and family physicians. METHODS It is an observational, prospective study on a random sample of patients that consulted(More)
Increased chicken-derived fat and fructose consumption in the human diet is paralleled by an increasing prevalence of obesity and metabolic syndrome (MS). Herein, we aimed at developing and characterizing a mouse model of diet-induced obesity (DIO) resembling most of the key features of the human MS. To accomplish this, we fed male C57BL/6J mice for 4, 8,(More)
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