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It is generally considered that sulphur reduction was one of the earliest forms of microbial respiration, because the known microorganisms that are most closely related to the last common ancestor of modern life are primarily anaerobic, sulphur-reducing hyperthermophiles. However, geochemical evidence indicates that Fe(III) is more likely than sulphur to(More)
We fluidize a granular bed in a rectangular container by injecting energy through the lateral walls with high-frequency sinusoidal horizontal vibrations. In this way, the bed is brought to a steady state with no convection. We measured buoyancy forces on light spheres immersed in the bed and found that they obey Archimedes' principle. The buoyancy forces(More)
A comparison between a photographic shade analysis system and conventional visual shade matching method." ___________________________________ Fang Qian ii ACKNOWLEDGMENTS I would like to express my special appreciation and thanks to my advisor, Dr Peter Lund, for you support and guidance to me. I would like to thank you for believing in me and encouraging(More)
A theoretical study of the hydration of arsenious acid is presented. This study included ab initio calculations and Monte Carlo simulations. The model potentials used for the simulations were ab initio derived and they include polarizability, nonadditivity, and molecular relaxation. It is shown that with these refined potentials it is possible to reproduce(More)
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