Marcos Antonio Quináia

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Software patterns represent a promising research area in reason of the benefits happened of its application, mainly in terms of productivity reached with the reutilization. In automatics, patterns can be applied to recurring problems involving many types of computational systems. A complex domain of application, for which patterns can bring great(More)
The Feature Model (FM) is a fundamental artefact of the Software Product Line (SPL) engineering, used to represent commonalities and variabilities, and also to derive products for testing. However, the test of all features combinations (products) is not always possible in practice. Due to the growing complexity of the applications, only a subset of products(More)
WP wants to provide newcomers an opportunity to write their first pattern. There is no better way to learn what patterns are all about than by writing one yourself. After having done the tutorial about "Software patterns", in the first day of the Conference, the WP sessions aim at guiding newcomers to get started with their patterns. The WP Session Dynamics(More)
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