Marcos Antônio de Morais

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Monitoring for wild yeast contaminants is an essential component of the management of the industrial fuel ethanol manufacturing process. Here we describe the isolation and molecular identification of(More)
Fuel ethanol fermentation process is a complex environment with an intensive succession of yeast strains. The population stability depends on the use of a well-adapted strain that can fit to a(More)
Yeast populations used in industrial production of fuel-ethanol may vary according to the plant process conditions and to the environmental stresses imposed on yeast cells. Therefore, yeast strains(More)
The yeast Dekkera bruxellensis has been regarded as a contamination problem in industrial ethanol production because it can replace the originally inoculated Saccharomyces cerevisiae strains. The(More)
Previous studies using methods varying from traditional serologic tests to molecular biology techniques have shown that in northeastern Brazil, Entamoeba dispar was more prevalent than E.(More)