Marcos Antônio Rodrigues

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Every software has an architecture, but in most cases it is poorly documented. That's especially true in virtual community for software development, where creating and updating documents is not a high priority activity and architectural knowledge remain hidden in informal and semi-structured artifacts, such as e-mails, meeting notes and Wikis. We propose a(More)
One of the big challenges of public administration is the need to understand and evolve legacy systems for the purpose of documentation, improvement , modification, interoperability, porting, migrations, reuse, redesign and/or redeployment. There is a need for standardization in legacy transformation that will enable integration and interoperability between(More)
The main goal of EU @LIS project " Electronic GOvernment Innovation and Access (eGOIA) " being an @LIS demonstration project is the provisioning of demonstrators that show future-oriented public administration services to a broad public in Latin America. The vision of the eGOIA project is the provision of a single virtual space supporting the interaction of(More)
Software architecture is crucial for the success of software development. Nevertheless, in many software projects the documentation of the architecture is a neglected activity. In this paper, we present a framework that enables the search for software architecture information in the artifacts generated in virtual communities for software development. A(More)