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We present a corpus-based approach to the class expansion task. For a given set of seed entities we use co-occurrence statistics taken from a text collection to define a membership function that is used to rank candidate entities for inclusion in the set. We describe an evaluation framework that uses data from Wikipedia. The performance of our class(More)
In this paper we are proposing an approach for coordinating a team of homogeneous agents based on a flexible common Team Strategy as well as on the concepts of Situation Based Strategic Positioning and Dynamic Positioning and Role Exchange. We also introduce an Agent Architecture including a specific high-level decision module capable of implementing this(More)
Electronic transactions are of increasing use due to its openness and continuous availability. The rapid growth of information and communication technologies has helped the expansion of these electronic transactions, however, issues related to security and trust are yet limiting its action space, mainly in what concerns business to business activity. This(More)
The toxicity of three insecticides frequently used in Neotropical tomato cultivation (abamectin, deltamethrin, and methamidophos) was estimated on foragers of the Neotropical stingless bee Melipona quadrifasciata (Lep.) and the honey bee Apis mellifera (L.). Our results showed that the susceptibility varied significantly with the type of exposure(More)
For some time now agent-based and multi-agent systems (MAS) have attracted the interest of researchers far beyond traditional computer science and artificial intelligence (AI). In this article we try to identify focal points of interest for researchers working in the area of distributed AI (DAI) and MAS as well as application oriented researchers coming(More)
Imidacloprid, sulfoxaflor and two experimental sulfoximine insecticides caused generally depressive symptoms in stick insects, characterized by stillness and weakness, while also variably inducing postural changes such as persistent ovipositor opening, leg flexion or extension and abdomen bending that could indicate excitation of certain neural circuits. We(More)
We present a multi-pass clustering approach to large scale, wide-scope named-entity disambiguation (NED) on collections of web pages. Our approach uses name co-occurrence information to cluster and hence disambiguate entities, and is designed to handle NED on the entire web. We show that on web collections , NED becomes increasingly difficult as the corpus(More)
An airline schedule very rarely operates as planned. Problems related with aircrafts, crew members and passengers are common and the actions towards the solution of these problems are usually known as operations recovery. The Airline Operations Control Center (AOCC) tries to solve these problems with the minimum cost and satisfying all the required rules.(More)