Marcos A. Bergamo

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* Principal Investigator, High-Throughput Distributed Spacecraft Network and SpaceVPN projects. Abstract BBN Technologies (BBN), under a task for the Space Communications Project, designed the HighThroughput Distributed Spacecraft Network, or HiDSN. It provides a self-forming vertically integrated network infrastructure for establishing and maintaining(More)
The Gigabit Satellite Network, a project jointly sponsored by ARPA and NASA, will provide longhaul STS-3 (155.54 Mb/s) and STS-12 (622.08 Mb/s) pointto-point and point-to-multipoint full-duplex services over NASA's Advanced Communications Technology Satellite (ACTS). Data multiplexing over the satellite will be accomplished using TDMA techniques coordinated(More)
-This paper describes the Gigabit Satellite Network (GSN) being developed under joint sponsorship of NASA and ARPA. The system will use the wide-band Satellite Switched Time Division Multiple Access (SS-TDMA) capability and hopping beam antennas of NASA's Advanced Communications Technology Satellite (ACTS). The GSN network will provide full-duplex SONET(More)
Gigabit Earth Stations (GESs) are under development for the ARPA-NASA Gigabit Satellite Network using NASA's Advanced Communications Technology Satellite (ACTS). The GESs will be equipped with SONET OC-3/3c (155.54 Mb/s) and SONET OC-12/12c (622.08 Mb/s) user interfaces. Through these interfaces SONET/ATM experimenters will be able to establish long-haul(More)
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