Marcos Álvares Barbosa Junior

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—Companies are often susceptible to uncertainties which can disturb the achievement of their objectives. The effect of these uncertainties can be perceived as risk that will be taken. A healthful company have to anticipate undesired events by defining a process for managing risks. Risk management processes are responsible for identifying, analyzing and(More)
We are living in an era where technology has become an essential resource for modern human welfare. Critical services like water supply, energy and transportation are controlled by computational systems. These systems must be reliable and constantly audited against software and hardware failures and malicious attacks. As a preventive approach against(More)
Automated software testing has become a fundamental requirement for several software engineering methodologies. Software development companies very often outsource the test of their products. In such cases, the hired companies sometimes have to test softwares without any access to the source code. This type of service is called black box testing, which(More)
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