Marco de Marco

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This paper aims to highlight the relevance of a cultivation approach with the goal of exploring the concrete implications it may have for public administrations (PA) involved in projects of organisational change. We suggest that adopting an approach to change that reflects the cultivation perspective is an unavoidable choice for PA, much more so than it is(More)
D. Margarone, A. Velyhan, J. Dostal, J. Ullschmied, J. P. Perin, D. Chatain, S. Garcia, P. Bonnay, T. Pisarczyk, R. Dudzak, M. Rosinski, J. Krasa, L. Giuffrida, J. Prokupek, V. Scuderi, J. Psikal, M. Kucharik, M. De Marco, J. Cikhardt, E. Krousky, Z. Kalinowska, T. Chodukowski, G. A. P. Cirrone, and G. Korn Institute of Physics ASCR, FZU, ELI-Beamlines(More)
Many retail banks – those institutions serving individuals and small corporate customers – are entering in the virtual banking arena. Financial services and products are available to customers almost everywhere through a multitude of alternative channels: phone, the Internet, automated teller machines, and so on. From a technological point of view the(More)