Marco Zens

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Today's most challenging application of computer graphics is the rendering of real scale scenes at photorealistic quality. As this task needs a lot of computing resources, numerous techniques have been applied to speed up rendering, one of these being parallel processing. This paper presents our approach to the efficient parallelization of different(More)
Today, grant proposals submitted to the German Research Foundation (DFG) are paper documents. They are received by ordinary mail, manually entered into a proprietary software system and, finally, information relevant to the specific task is extracted manually and sent to other departments involved in the reviewing/approval process. Of course, all these(More)
With the advancement of DTP and Digital Libraries a workflow exclusively based on electronic documents has started to become a viable alternative for a continuously growing community. Information is entered into a computer, forwarded to other people, reviewed, modified and finally stored, without ever using paper (as a transport medium) during this full(More)
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