Marco Zappatore

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Along with the growing of the aging population and the necessity of efficient wellness systems, there is a mounting demand for new technological solutions able to support remote and proactive healthcare. An answer to this need could be provided by the joint use of the emerging Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technologies and advanced software choices.(More)
This paper describes how novel knowledge modeling and management techniques borrowed from the Semantic Web were exploited to publish data coming from Electromagnetic (EM) pollution monitoring to the Linked Data Cloud. The paper shows how, starting from requirements coming from the EM use case, the procedure of data publishing was carried out, with the(More)
Ontologies are more and more adopted to provide knowledge sharing and reuse, and to promote cooperation. Up to now they have been experienced in diverse areas ranging from medicine and biology to geography, astronomy and defence. Less has been made in the electromagnetic (EM) research area, where an increasing need of cooperation and resource sharing is(More)
The implementation of easy to use, cost-effective, efficient and reconfigurable smart systems, able to collect context data and to take decisions accordingly, must be performed taking into account both hardware and software technologies. In this work, both sides are attacked. First of all, a substantial improvement on passive UHF-RFID technology is shown by(More)