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Robinow syndrome, also known as fetal face syndrome, is a rare genetically heterogeneous condition characterized mainly by mesomelic limb shortening, facial malformations, and genital abnormalities. This report describes the sonographic findings in a case of autosomal-dominant Robinow syndrome diagnosed at 23.1 weeks' gestation, in a patient with no history(More)
5 Background: This prospective study was conducted to determine efficacy of preclinical use of automatic computer-aided cancer detection (CAD) system. Patients were women of high risk referred for MRI of breast with goals of assessing sensitivity/specificity of an automatic CAD platform which used kinetic and morphological (spiculation, volume, solidity,(More)
Femoral-facial syndrome (FFS), also known as femoral hypoplasia-unusual facies syndrome, is a rare condition characterized by a variable degree of unilateral or bilateral femoral hypoplasia associated with facial anomalies. This report describes a case of FFS diagnosed after 13 weeks of pregnancy following the detection of severe micrognathia and bilateral(More)
The Coombs test for determining antibody count is examined. This test was originally described in regard to an identity test for Rh-antibody insufficiency. Its indications are manifold, finding application in blood group serology, pregnancy tests and diagnositics, and immunology. This test is performed in 3 phases: the sensitivization phase, in which(More)
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