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Nowadays, the ability of providing an automated support to the management of business processes is commonly recognized as a main competitive factor for companies. One of the most critical resources to deal with is time, but, unfortunately , the time management support offered by most workflow systems is rather limited. In this paper we focus our attention(More)
Preface Bioinformatics is a challenging and fast growing area of research, which is of utmost importance for our understanding of life. Major contributions to this discipline can have thousands of positive effects in medicine, agriculture, or industry. To pick out only a few examples, Bioinformatics tackles problems related to: • Recognition, analysis, and(More)
Preface Modern molecular biology increasingly relies upon computational methods for analyzing and dealing with its vast amounts of biological data. Due to these demands of life sciences, bioinformatics (aka. computational biology) itself is a challenging and fast growing area of research. By promoting and more and more enabling biological and medical(More)
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