Marco Zantoni

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Nowadays, the ability of providing an automated support to the management of business processes is commonly recognized as a main competitive factor for companies. One of the most critical resources to deal with is time, but, unfortunately, the time management support offered by most workflow systems is rather limited. In this paper we focus our attention on(More)
One promise of systems biology is to model biochemical processes at a sufficiently large scale so that the behavior of a complex system can be predicted under various conditions in in silico experiments. The language approach to systems biology aims at designing formal languages for describing biochemical mechanisms, processes and systems at different(More)
We present a method to simulate biochemical networks described by the graphical notation of Molecular Interaction Maps within stochastic Concurrent Constraint Programming. Such maps are compact, as they represent implicitly a wide set of reactions, and therefore not easy to simulate with standard tools. The encoding we propose is capable to stochastically(More)
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