Marco Zamprogno

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The diet of the arboreal lizard E. bilineatus was assessed based on analysis of gut contents of specimens collected in the remnants of the Atlantic rainforest in Espírito Santo State, south-eastern Brazil. Stomachs of the lizards examined (SVL = 57.0-85.0 mm) contained nine arthropod orders. E. bilineatus utilizes a broad range of arthopodan prey type and(More)
A 10b asynchronous General-Purpose ADC is designed at 1.05V supply and in a 65nm digital CMOS process to be embedded in modem/multimedia processors. A pseudo-differential DAC, a built-in reference buffer, and a noise reduction/error correction algorithm allow low voltage, low power operations with large noise or disturbance immunity.
An algorithm, which can be used to add redundancy to existing SAR A/D converters for improving their performance, is presented. It needs very small extra analog area and preserves the intrinsic immunity to metastability of a classical SAR algorithm. A 14b Successive Approximation Register (SAR) A/D Converter, equipped with this algorithm, has been designed(More)
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